Kim Blessington opened Burn Fitness in Cranston in September 2015. She's been in the fitness world for 15 years, and she vowed when her time came that she'd open up the kind of place she thought would make women like herself, the most comfortable.
Before Kim decided to open her own fitness studio, Kim had been a Rhode Island personal trainer and instructor, teaching classes at many esteemed studios.
"I wanted to do the right thing for the people I've come to know as my clients," she says. That means giving them a comfortable, high energy/low pressure place to sweat, to work out, and best of all, to be themselves.
So when the opportunity arose-a space opened up next to her daughter's dance studio-she took the plunge. Her idea was to open a place for women and girls of all ages, where they can work out with no distractions. Also, Kim loved the idea that dance moms could drop their children off and come straight to class. They could capitalize on the time their kids were dancing by getting their workouts in too. "My friend owns the dance studio, and we thought we could take advantage of the proximity by offering cross promotions, to get our customers thinking about how this kind of convenience might work for them."

 Business is booming. The idea is beginning to click and traffic is really picking up. Women ranging in age from teenagers, student/athletes and up are finding an accommodating place to stay physically and mentally fit without worrying about what they wear or how much they sweat. Kim also is doing her part to address adolescent obesity. "Women and girls can feel comfortable and connect with each other here," says Kim. "I wanted it to feel like a truly welcoming place, non-judgmental and it seems like we're getting there."
With a little help, Kim is running full schedule of fitness classes, as well as personal training and small group sessions for her clients. Classes range widely, from Barre, Pilates, Zumba and Strength Training to Kick-Boxing and Yoga. Kim continues to add more classes each month and accommodates every schedule.

 "It takes a lot to make a commitment to a workout regimen," says Kim, "and by opening Burn Fitness I really wanted to honor that commitment with the best possible space I could create."

"We're not concerned about image here," she says. "We're only concerned about having a friendly place where people are getting and staying fit."